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Feeding Exponential Growth

Have you ever had a good intention without steadfast commitment? What if the value of this new commitment or habit would feed your exponential growth? If you knew this new habit would influence your life and business in a positive way, would you take action?

Lots of research has been done on the great value of reading daily positive, life-giving books.

To test this principle over the next two months, consider this: Read fifteen minutes in the morning or fifteen minutes in the evening.

Shift from Good Intentions to a Committed Habit.

  1. Ask your coach or colleagues what one book impacted their life in a positive way?
  2. Order a book now!
  3. Raise the commitment: Share with one or two other trusted friends or your coach your new reading habit.
  4. Be vulnerable: Ask them if you can text them “DONE” after reading. And possibly text them one or two sentences of discovery!
  5. Permission to Pursue: Ask them to touch base with you if you did not text, “DONE.”
  6. Be a Student: Underline and write notes in your book.
  7. Journal what you’re noticing with your attitude and mindsets.


Make a steadfast commitment, with accountability, and see your life exponentially grow!

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You were born for greatness,

Ed Garner

CMC, Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Strategist, Coach Trainer, Consultant