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People: Three Interconnected Pillars For Business Rhythm

Last week, we shared a brief overview on SYSTEMS: Three Interconnected Pillars For Business Rhythm.
What was one discovery from last week’s blog post? With this blog, we will foster awareness regarding the PEOPLE part of Rhythm. Next week, we will dive into Culture.


Three Pillars for Rhythm:

1.)  System

2.)  People

3.)  Culture

Harvey Firestone says, “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”


People:  Employees, customers, subcontractors, associates, and even social media. Basically every person internally within your business and every person with whom your business comes in contact.


Let’s Unpack Some Applications to Grow Your PEOPLE Capacity:

1.) As a leader ask, how does each person on my team interconnect, carrying the systems and the culture?

2.) Explore, what is our customer’s experience like with our employees and subcontractors?

Note: These keys can work with your Team or your Customers.


Clearly Communicated Roles

1.) Does each person clearly know their role? Are the roles in writing to revisit?

2.) Have a system for intentional benchmarking their growth and results in their roles.

3.) Communicate expectation with their role and the interaction with systems and culture.

4.) Clearly define goals and objectives with each employee or subcontractor.

Key: Inspiration Before Information! It’s important for people to understand the why.


Importance of Clarity: Understanding versus Misunderstanding:

1.) In the context of RHYTHM, does every teammate know how they interconnect with each other?

2.) Feedback is not punishment. Help each person understand your process for feedback.

3.) Are all expectations clearly communicated? Uncommunicated expectations foster judgements which produce unnecessary conflicts and offenses.

4.) If things are already in motion, consider initiating a time to inspire, share vision and create clarity with roles and systems. Then outline what you agreed and ask them for feedback.

5.) Write down what was communicated. Review again. Create the agreement. Then revisit to avoid broken agreements.


Dealing with Conflict:

1.) In the simplest way, keep all conflict about Broken Agreements and not about judging their heart motives.

2.) The art of solving conflicts is the ability to create awareness around broken agreements and then reestablishing that which was mutually agreed upon.

3.) Remember this short tip: Give up your right to be right. Avoid taking it personal.

4.) Conflict in and of itself is a form of feedback.

5.) To help facilitate an understanding of rhythm, consider:  Create a clear understanding through written agreements, then review, having them repeat back what they are hearing.

6.) Tip: Whatever is tolerated consistently will eventually become culture.

7.) The art of mutually updating agreements: At times, an agreement may need updated or adjusted. You may say, “I would value if we could explore a win-win and renegotiate our agreement.”


Teamwork Through Collaboration:

Dale Carnegie, says, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.”

1.) Consider short daily huddles celebrating wins.

2.) Ask your team for feedback: What is working? What is not working?

3.) Possibly monthly idea exchange! Works well with food in a fun, positive environment mining for golden ideas. When PEOPLE feel heard and understood, the RHYTHM can grow!

4.) Avoid: 3 C’S: Complaining, Criticizing, Condescending.


What is your people growth plan?

1.) Be intentional about investing in your team and customer experience.

2.) Remember: thriving leaders attract more thriving people.


“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Importance of Coaching: “I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” ~ Bob Nardelli

“A great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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