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Relational or Transactional Sales



1. Consider looking at how to build and cultivate a more longterm connection, trust rapport by adding greater value to your customers and clients verses just a one time transaction.

2. Consider the long term approach, building with intention a relational culture systems with a relational approach verses a mindset of a once and done transaction.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Motto: “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”

Think Like a Long Term Investor

Consider what would be possible with a collective longterm team mindset – more like an investor verses what is in it for me today? When immersing clothing into a dye, it takes on that color. What could be possible if a relational company culture is infused into the entire company culture? Think of the difference of planting perennials verse an annual plant.

From the Initial Sales Lead

1. Do they feel felt?

2. Am I listening to understand?

3. Asking open ended questions that help lead their process.

4. “I get to” add value to our customers versus “I have to.”

5. Note: When we are interconnected relationally with our team without words, people can feel and experience your confidence in your team.


1. Explore with your team how to go beyond the immediate sale. Explore how to cultivate a long term repeat engagement with your customers/clients and team?

2. How can engagement on social media add value to their experience?

3. A transactional approach can be likened to disposable paper plates and plastic utensils, while a relational approach is like serving on a fine set of dishes.

Transactional Sales Approach

1. Short term mindsets.

2. A tendency to view people as objects.

3. Focus is on the immediate sale, what can we get now.

4. A hard sell, pressure selling, once and done.

5. Saying all the right words without authentic connection.

6. Win at all cost. Got to be right.

7. Results only focus without building community and connection with customers.

8. Views teams, employees and colleagues as stepping stones.

9. After sale, there’s no connection with customer.

10. Money overrides the value of going the extra mile with people.

“Sales without customer service is like stuffing money into a pocket full of holes.” ~ David Tooman

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” ~ Henry Winkler

“You don’t earn loyalty in a day. You earn loyalty day-by-day.” ~ Jeffrey Gitomer

Relational Sales Approach

1. Long term mindsets, building trust and continually adding value to customers and employees.

2. A welcoming culture: know names, their family and what is important to them.

3. Focus is “how can we serve you” and “you’re never a bother”?

4. Sales that serve the customer’s needs, solve their challenges, and educate them on value. Win-win.

5. Building authentic connection, rapport and trust actually caring about people.

6. Sees customers as precious people that we serve, who love engaging with your brand.

7. Builds intentional synergy within teams going beyond just being results-oriented.

8. Intentional communication on next steps with customer to avoid assumptions.

9. Expressing gratitude in creative ways so people feel felt.

10. Asking, how can we add additional value to their lives and business beyond the sale?

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” ~ Clare Muscutt

Awareness Questions:

1. How can you foster robust relationships with your team and customers?

2. How can you increase customer and employee retention through authentic relational approach?

3. Are you receiving customer feedback? How about processing feedback?

4. How is your social media and marketing geared, Relational or Transactional?

5. Awareness: What MINDSETS foster a transactional relationship?

6. Awareness: What MINDSETS feed a long term relational approach?

“Establishing trust is better than any sales technique.” ~ Mike Puglia, Chief Marketing Officer, Kaseya


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