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The Power Of Commitment

The Power of Commitment

The context of COMMITMENT could be a key to increasing and growing your business results. Let’s explore the power of commitment. When you hear the word commitment, what do you think of? Webster defines commitment: an agreement, a pledge to do something, to trust or obligation. What does the thought of next level commitment sound like? What would a fresh commitment to new habits, fresh perspective, wealth mindsets, goals, personal growth or a growth area of your business or life look like?

Growing Greater Results

Let’s explore commitment in the context of growing greater results. What commitment boils down to is choice from personal responsibility because that person gave their word. I heard it said from a coach that if you desire to do big things, make big commitments! What one big commitment can you make with your business, team, systems or culture?

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.” ~ Heidi Reeder

Big Commitments

Making big commitments in the context of honor can shift our action into creating much bigger results! Completing on commitments consistently can conquer conformity mindsets! Making big commitments and again completing on them can conquer a convenience mindset where there’s no grit or fortitude needed. Grit and fortitude can grow like building physical muscle by a commitment to exercise despite the body saying stop. Your committed decision to your word will conquer comfort which loves to delay greatness!!! To develop a new habit of honor on keeping commitments, consider keeping a commitment journal, then check off when complete.

“Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.” ~ Vince Lombardi

Raising the Value

How do we raise the value on commitments? Consider sharing your commitments with a trusted coach, mentor or a person who can hold that high standard for you to excel and see you cross the finish line completing on your commitments. What one BIG commitment can you make this week to grow your business? To grow an area of your life?

Results From Big Commitments?

Let’s explore what’s possible with following through on big commitments. First, what keeps many leaders from following through on commitments? Is it possible fear of failure or a mindset that says, I failed at that this before why commit again?  Possibly fear of rejection? One way through the road block of fear is committed action! What if a conscious choice was made to take the first step on a walk, then your body warms up and energy is produced from the action. Many find as they take action towards their purpose it fuels their heart’s desire.

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

Building a Commitment Muscle

To grow into BIG commitments, consider setting small commitments and completing on them. Let’s use KEEPING YOUR WORD REGARDING TIME for an example. This simple but profound step of being on time. Most leaders that make big commitments experience a few speed bumps or challenges! Think of a commitment to get to your destination – when driving on vacation, do you ever hit traffic, red lights, rest stops? Most are never surprised by any of those, but their reward from the vacation fuels their grit and fortitude to stay on course!

Again, using TIME as one example to grow in commitment. Casualness can compete against our commitment where a person can get so used to being late, it becomes a habit etched into their belief system. As a leader,  being on time is a simple way to value others with our word. Again, this is only one example. What if the next seven days, you made a commitment to being on time, knowing that there is rush hour, in other words, to be on time, one would be early allowing for those potential commitment breakers such as heavy traffic or accidents on the road). Then take notice to how your awareness grows on the value of honor keeping the commitment of time.

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” ~ Joe Namath

Elevate Your Commitments

Making a commitment is elevated when sharing it with a mentor or coach and then keeping commitments consistently will actually grow your trust factor. By consistently keeping our word will grow the trust others have with us. The concept of honor ties in with commitment. When we honor, we treat someone with high esteem, as if they are extraordinary. When we dishonor, we treat someone or something with disrespect, low esteem, or simply as ordinary. Is it possible that trust and honor can grow within a company culture simply by keeping the commitment to be on time?

Creating Urgency

What if we add to the factor of being on time – let’s call it increasing the urgency! Raising the bar through a principle called urgency which can fuel the desired results. In other words, I choose to commit to completing on this task in one hour. Urgency plus commitment can create exponential results! Consider making a commitment, setting a goal, then add the urgency factor of measured time!

Evaluate the discovery around the commitment by adding urgency with intentional focus to sharpen the action steps. Think of a first responder that is committed to a situation. They have a high level of training, driven by a desire to save lives. The ability to operate calmly under the time urgency is a commitment to a bigger cause. Use time to your favor, not to your detriment. In other words, I’m committed to releasing 10 pounds on or before a certain date. I am committed to completing this task on or before a certain date. I am committed to three new sales on or before or before a certain date!

“Without commitment you cannot have depth in anything.” ~ Neil Strauss”

1. What one commitment can you make to take next steps to grow your systems, culture or team?

2. Who could you share your commitments to that will not judge you but hold the standard for you?

3. What is that one positive, big commitment you could step into shifting your business development and thriving growth?

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” ~Kenneth Blanchard

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You were born for greatness,

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