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Three Foundational Sales Pillars

Three main questions to consider in your sales process:

1). What is the client’s biggest goals, problem, pain point, or challenge to be solved?

2). What is the most cost-effective solution to be applied to their challenges?

3). What is their reward, benefit, or payoff from the applied solution?

Let’s look at the three pillars to build your sales approach, creating a win-win relationship.

Three Pillars




Explore What The Problem Is

Ask powerful, open-ended questions to explore their biggest biggest pain point. Your curiosity and passion to really listen to understand matters to them. Drill down with questions to discover the main challenge they desire to solve. Without clearly knowing what the problem is, the solution may not serve them. Being curious with great questions builds trust and rapport with your potential client. It shows you care.

Provide Cost Effective Solutions

After knowing their biggest challenges, hear what their goal behind the goal is. Now provide options to meet their needs. People like making their choices without pressure or a sales gimmick. Providing great options will both empower them and show that you care about them. It’s never “my way or the highway”. Great solutions will open the door to create value for pillar three. Set yourself about in presenting great solutions in a clear, professional way. Think of it like coming alongside them, never talking down to them, presenting solutions. Remember, they may already have thought through some ideas; ask them what ideas or solutions they have already considered.

Create Value With Rewards

Take the time in your process and presentation to create the benefits and rewards from the solutions you’re proving solve their challenges. Create value in what you’re offering by also building their confidence through history, testimonials, photos, referrals, and your personal confidence in your team, systems and culture. The skill is to incorporate all three pillars simultaneously without tripping over a scripted sales approach.

Call to Action

1. Take time this week and write out each pillar.

2. Write five points of value with each pillar, setting your company apart.

3. Define your company’s approach or application for each pillar.

4. Then, write out common objections you hear with each pillar.

5. Add your own passion, authenticity, attitudes, and culture without saying negative things about others in your industry.


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