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Three Interconnected Pillars For Business Rhythm

Does your business or organization struggle for consistent rhythm? Do you experience uncertainty on how to stay interconnected with multiple moving parts? With all the moving parts and decisions to make, you may be asking where do I start? Like the Golden Gate Bridge has massive support pillars that carry the structure allowing it to consistently fulfill it’s purpose. Today, let’s take a snap shot at Three Interconnected Pillars to sustain and build a thriving business or organization rhythm.
Three Pillars for Rhythm:

1.)  System

2.)  People

3.)  Culture
1.)  System:  “A group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole.” American Heritage Dictionary

A system could be the interaction and interconnection of any part of your business to produce a result. For example, how ideas, information, innovation, employee, customers, brand, culture, finances, sales, product and service all interact systematically to produce a result.

System Awareness Action:

1. List your current systems that are working?

2. How do the three pillars interact and interconnected within your business?

3. What current systems are not working?
2.)  People:  Employees, customers, subcontractors, associates and even social media. Basically every person internally within your business or every person your business comes in contact with.

People Awareness Action:

1. What intentional consistent plan is in place to develop and foster growth?

2. What do your customers experience interacting with your team?

3. How would you describe your employees, team or subcontractors sense of belonging?
3). Culture: Culture is what we all experience walking into a business. People carry it, the decor can reveal it, even the lighting and music can help us experience it. Culture can give you the extra edge over industry piers. Culture includes the brand but goes beyond the brand. Your systems can also carry culture. It could also be described as the heart and soul of the business.

Culture Awareness Action:

1. What culture is carrying your current vision, purpose and mission?

2. What do employees or customers say they experience with your company?

3. What are a few cultural attributes you desire to see carry your business?
In the next few blogs, we will be exploring in depth each individual pillar. Each blog will help foster action, feedback and ideas to establish and interconnect each pillar to grow rhythm.


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