Business Ecosystem
for Synergistic Rhythm

Letter From Ed Garner


I want to share my heart regarding Mastery 12X, our 12-month Business Ecosystem for Synergistic Rhythm. Think of it like a greenhouse to grow a profitable business from A-Z.  

During Mastery 12X, your time will be professionally facilitated to help scale your business, solve challenges, and achieve tangible solutions. Let Truforth be your partner in intentional business growth. 
Being in business for over 30 years, I understand it’s no cakewalk to carry a profitable business, feed a vision, make constant decisions, deal with technology and grow a thriving culture and team. When I think back to starting my first business, I was great at specific skills but had no real business or leadership experience.  After three decades of learning and growing, I understand what it takes to help businesses grow and thrive. 
We, at Truforth, worked diligently to create a 12-month business ecosystem to fuel and feed your dynamic business and life growth! We know business can be lonely at times with things coming at us from all directions. We will focus on building effective systems, cultivating a culture that carries vision and building thriving teams and developing customers.
Think about the untapped potential with a committed group of pioneers and pacesetters all collaborating to help you solve your business pain points. Our time together will be inspiring, interactive and informative in a professionally facilitated environment maximizing your time. Periodically there will be specialized guest speakers to enhance your learning and business development.
After coaching hundreds of business owners, I began noticing key growth opportunities and patterns. Many extraordinary business owners pay heavy prices to invest, learn and sacrifice everything and then hit a wall. We want to serve you by identifying those walls in advance and using them as launching pads.
What you can expect from your 12-month investment with Mastery 12X is to be equipped, empowered and effective at managing and scaling your business and understanding the many facets of business! Business ownership is not for the faint of heart so we have a powerful relational application to support your learning of new systems, culture and the people skills of leading and growing inspired leaders.  
During our time together, you will be inspired, develop life long relationships, tap into advanced resources and research and have a blast growing together. We would be honored to partner with you on a business and life growth journey.
I personally would enjoy connecting with you to see if Mastery 12X is a good fit for you. Please email me at We understand the value of time and money so we desire to answer all your questions and would enjoy exploring all your business growth solutions. Please check out our website at as seating is limited for this and we don’t want you to miss out on this powerful opportunity!
Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” ~ Aristotle

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Ed Garner

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