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VISION: Part Seven – Vision Safeguards

Knowing Your No

Have you ever driven on a high altitude road and were grateful for the guard rail? Or how about driving through dense fog and the freshly painted white lines kept you in the lane? Think of your vision as a way to keep you in the lane guarding your time, talent and resources. Have you ever faced distractions that consumed you or even pulled you out of your vision, mission or purpose? Clarity of vision can be a tremendous safeguard for your resources and what you say yes to! A clear vision will conserve energy keeping you in the zone from burnout. Knowing the difference between growth activities and management activities will fuel your vision. What is one protocol, if it was in place, that would assist you when things are foggy?

Clarity Creates

Uncertainty can create and feed confusion on a team. Confusion can cause choices to be made that are not in alignment with the vision. Having a clear vision, with mile markers to benchmark the growth in the right direction, helps to grow your team and customer confidence.  Do you struggle with completing tasks and fulfilling your goals or possibly struggle with facing the next steps from uncertainty?  Have you ever said yes to things that deep in your gut you knew you should say no to? A clear vision will help to safeguard your thinking, choices, talents, and protect your culture! What action step could you take to eliminate clutter within your business and organization culture?

Map Out A Flight Plan

Think about when you get on a plane with a vision to arrive safely at a specific destination. Pilots map out and submit flight plans to protect their journey and all other planes. Your vision will assist in a clear choice. Purposeful planning is a great investment of money, time and talent for an efficient flight plan. Your vision, mission and purpose will frame the next masterpiece! Your vision helps to safeguard the team’s synergy, action steps, and focus!

What Fuels Your Focus?

Think of a professional football athlete on a team having a collective vision to win a Super Bowl championship. An athlete’s vision will help define what they invest their time, energy and talent into. It helps to be intentional with leadership, positions, schedules and processes. Their purposeful vision will fuel all the athletes to focus, practice, prepare and purpose to stay in the zone! What safeguards are in place to protect and fuel your personal and business vision? What one process or new approach with the team, leadership and customers could you adjust to safeguard the vision? What is one thing that will serve you and your organization to say no to?

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