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VISION: Part Eight – Vision Secures

Magnetic Vision

A clear vision with intention influences our thoughts, heart, thinking even our words we speak. Do we want what we speak to be magnetic? A vision that’s alive within you begins securing appointments, connections and even expands new ideas! If you have a team, how is the team’s synergy? What would foster a magnet excitement about the team’s vision?

Lighthouse of Protection

Lighthouses were used to communicate to ships the rocky shores, reefs and entrances to ports. What does your vision communicate? What lighthouses are fixed on your vision’s journey to guide and redirect you or your business safely? Think for a moment if a ship was floating around in the ocean aimlessly without a crew. Maritime law would view this ship as a derelict. Lighthouses were built in specific locations. Do you have a coach or team to be a lighthouse? Think of the possibilities avoiding unnecessary delays and repeating nuisances? We know there are many types of lighthouses. What are some simple, cost effective action steps to take to secure your vision?

Our View in the Storm

Think for a moment of a time when you faced a storm and your vision was tested and you wanted to jump ship. Has a past event or situation caused you to abandon your heart vision? Are you having difficulty seeing through the fog? What is your GPS? What if this is your turn-around moment? The moment that you declare, yes I can! Our lives and business are carrying precious cargo. What is really possible through your vision? What one practical step could you take to adjust the view in your situation?

Preparation Is An Investment

With proper preparation, the right people and processes surrounding your vision will help provide a level of security from time-waster’s schemes and unethical choices. Like preparing a plane for a long flight, what process could be established to strengthen your readiness? What preparation would foster greater efficiency and effectiveness? Your purposeful flight plan will help to secure your path for your business and personal destiny. What five to seven core values would help to secure your choices to help fulfill your vision?

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