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VISION: Part Five – Vision Stirs

Tacking to the Other Side

Does your vision stir up growth opportunities? Does you vision stir up others around you? Do you notice some are for your vision and others are not? Have you ever seen a sailboat tacking across a lake? The sail is up to capture the wind powering the boat forward. Not all wind is your friend on the water, but a good sailboat captain keeps the vision in mind while tacking wisely across the waters. Like a sailor has to learn to deal with wind and waves, your vision may stir things up within your belief system.

Benefits From Conflict

Has your vision challenged you, developed character, cost you, stirred up even fear or hesitation? Did you ever feel like quitting or abandoning your vision? How we view the adversity or conflict will determine the success of our vision. Think for a moment what you accomplished that is causing a stirring inside? Despite the winds of adversity you can keep going! Your belief in your vision will be tested. The test is an opportunity to grow deeper in your core belief in your vision. I remember working on a farm and seeing the high winds blow on the tall oak trees. Then to understand the stirring winds strengthen the root system to keep growing.

Gold Mine of Opportunity

Your vision at times may stir the best and even bring out inner conflict for the opportunity on inner growth. The discoveries of growth are a gift to a fruitful vision. I heard this quote by Napoleon Hill many years ago, “Every adversity, every failure, every heartbreak, carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit.” What if, today, seeing the growth opportunities from the conflict that stirs things up is now viewed as a gold mine of opportunity? What is one gold mine opportunity?

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