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VISION: Part Four – Vision Stretches

The Opportunity in the Stretch

Think for a moment, during the Great Depression, there was a vision to build the Empire State Building. For many it was a stretch, but this vision fueled hope and vision! If you have ever driven across the Golden Gate Bridge, I am sure there was a captivated wonder and respect! I can remember crossing the Golden Gate Bridge the first time and thinking, I am crossing to the other side on what was once a vision now a reality! A vision taking brilliant collaboration will stretch even the brightest engineers, builders and many to see it become a reality!

Vision Breaks Old Barriers

Think of Roger Bannister, the runner who decided one day to break the four minute mile. Doctors believed if a person ran that fast that a person’s heart would explode. Roger’s vision caused him to break the record! Many the next year broke the four minute mile because he showed them it was possible. Does your vision stretch you in a positive way? Does your circumstances dictate your vision or does your vision tell your circumstances what is going to be the purposeful outcome?

Stretching Produces Flexibility

If you ever played sports, a good coach always emphasizes stretching to stay flexible to help avoid injuries. How many of you enjoy exercising? Do you see being stretched in business is like a new physical workout? Stretching can take you and your organization into new territory, skills and opportunity. Do you find yourself avoiding the pain in the stretch? After a good workout, most people experience more energy! What could be new or unique that you could do to stretch you and cause you to expand?

Add One A Day

In August of 2021, I had this personal vision to do one hundred push-ups in a hundred days, starting with one, then each consecutive day, adding one push up for one hundred days! To elevate my commitment, I shared this vision with those around me. This was part of a continuation of my personal wellness growth. Push-ups have been something I was avoiding for years due to fear of hurting my right shoulder again.

The push-ups began with one on August 9th, then the next day, I did two, the third day, I did three. On day ten, I began to experience minor pain, some doubts and noticed some resistance in my beliefs. Then, I  surrounded my intention with stretching, breathing and visualizing the marathon of 100 push-ups complete. The pain was like a dashboard light which caused me to take action adding many different stretches, breathing and preparation exercises. The vision of a toned body fueled my commitment. On the hundredth day, my heart was racing with expectation and joy! Despite facing physical pain in areas of my body over the one hundred days, the commitment to the vision fueled me to finish! The results were so invigorating, I have continued to workout each day since August 9th!

Discoveries from the 100 Days of Push ups

  1. Overcome limiting mindsets with supporting daily habits.
  2. When resistance arises, keep stretching.
  3. Raise the level of intention by committing to a coach, mentor and friends.
  4. You were born for greatness not apathy.
  5. One area of growth influences other areas of growth.
  6. What is the underlining why behind your next big agreement?
  7. What would be possible to break new growth records?

Overcoming Limitations

On day one hundred, I remember doing 50 push ups, then laid on my back, stretching, breathing, visualizing the finish line. My physical body was hitting a wall, but I could see the ribbon in my mind on the finish line. I was listening to inspirational music filling the atmosphere! Then, with intention, my arms resisting the bend, a renewed strength filled my mind, will and body, and I focused on the vision despite the pain! I was able to get back up, bending my arms, breathing deep with my eyes closed and a strength filled my soul. I was able to finish one hundred push ups! What would victory look like over one limiting mindset?

Benefits from Overcoming

I realized through the one hundred days of stretching that my lower back did not hurt at all! I am experiencing more energy and many other physical benefits. This was a stretch for sure, but I am so grateful for the discoveries and results. The vision stretched me to do what I have never accomplished before! What could you step into the next one hundred days, when completed, would advance your life, business and organization forward? Part 5 will be, Vision Stirs.

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You were born for greatness,

Ed Garner

CMC, Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Strategist, Coach Trainer, Consultant