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VISION: Part Nine – Vision Sharpens

Keeping Your Daily Edge

I remember asking a professional lawn care specialist how often do you sharpen the blades? He responded quickly, “once a day!” I was thinking maybe once a month. He said, I like my lawns looking great! He saw the vision of great lawns and the value of sharp blades added to the vision. He knew his secret sauce was very sharp blades! He shared that everyday they hit little surprises cutting lawns around trees and shrubs knocking their blades. He said he incorporated a 15 minute daily habit to keep his cutting edge! What one daily fifteen minute habit would transform your cutting edge? What is it costing your vision with a dull edge?

The Greenhouse

Have you ever heard a child just blurt out that they want to become a professional athlete, first responder, navy seal, doctor, lawyer, an author, teacher, business owner, or inventor? Think of a dream like a seed planted in a greenhouse. Imagine this dream being fed, nurtured, cultivated, watered and then it begins to burst forth with growth! Having a young plant in a greenhouse produces specific growth and health because of a specific culture supporting growth! A greenhouse culture  intentionally fosters accelerated growth. What culture could you feed, nurture or cultivate to cause sustained and accelerated team and business growth? What organizational cultural attributes would ignite growth? How could you take steps to feed healthy culture?

Strength Training

An athlete works out and the resistance from the training strengthens and helps to prevent injuries. The conflict of the opposing team sharpens the athlete to grow and adjust! The team vision of every athlete performing their best to win championships brings greater purpose into the physical, flexibility and mental training! We all have heard stories of those who successfully completed the Navy Seal training and how it goes way beyond the physical into a mental and emotional strengthening. What training sharpens you to stay engaged to grow your vision? Where is your vision taking you? What one action could you take this week to begin strengthening to carry out the vision?

Vision Actions to Consider:

  1. Does your current vision fuel your life?
  2. How does your vision strengthen your life?
  3. How does your vision impact your family and friends?
  4. What are core values to support your vision?
  5. What would serve you to let go of this year?
  6. Is there something to declutter to allow your vision to soar?

A Thriving Vision:


  • Steers You
  • Strengthens
  • Satisfies you
  • Stretches you
  • Stirs you
  • Sends you
  • Safeguards you
  • Secures you
  • Sharpens you



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You were born for greatness,

Ed Garner

CMC, Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Strategist, Coach Trainer, Consultant