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VISION: Part Six – Vision Sends

Vision Sends

Think about a piece of mail. It has an address on it to be sent to a specific destination. Where are you desiring your vision to send you? Think about someone having a dream home built. There are specifications and drawings to build a house. The builder sends a crew to do specific tasks to keep the vision alive. The daily tasks in building a home are like goals and habits to complete the vision. The vision was a dream, then designed and developed into reality.

Where Is Your Vision Taking You?

Think for a moment who your vision has introduced you to? Where are you in the process with your vision? What if you take a pen out and write down where you desire your vision to send you! Who do you desire to take on the journey with you? I remember one of my mentors giving me a Dr. Suess book called, “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” My mentor challenged me to get a bigger vision that will take many others on the journey with me.

Can You See Your Vision?

Have you ever desired to go where you have never gone before or meet someone you read or heard about? What if you wrote a vision list that fuels your heart, language and mind? I remember taking my mentor’s advice and writing down a vision to speak internationally! This desire and vision has opened doors to speak in ten nations to date.

Keep Your Vision Alive

  1.  Post your vision to see it daily on a vision board!
  2. Cultivate the vision through conversations during new and existing connections.
  3. Celebrate weekly wins on your team! Have a weekly fifteen minute team huddle to honor and acknowledge wins.
  4. Read your vision out loud daily.

Vision Seeds

What if you take a moment to plant in the garden of your heart new seeds of vision? What if you took some time this week to write your vision down and even place them on a vision board? Your vision will send you in the direction of what consumes your heart and mind! What is truly possible where your vision can send you and your team?

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Ed Garner

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