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VISION: Part Three – Vision Satisfies

Every individual, business and organization was born for a distinctive vision, mission and purpose. Part two was about how vision strengthens. This blog is about how vision can satisfy you, your team and clients. A thriving vision will empower growth, ideas and will be attractive to others! If you’re uncertain of your vision, direction or even let go of your vision, I want to encourage you to read the last two blogs and the next six blogs on vision. Allow me to unpack and create awareness on a vision that is satisfying.

Vision Magnet

Does your vision empower you to continue creating forward? Does what you do currently fulfill you personally? My hope through this blog is that your vision will be fueled and you will experience a renaissance or create new awareness for a satisfying vision! We all have been wired with a specific, internal compass, with desires, core values and talent. Maybe your vision is so real that it is a growth magnet or maybe you are uncertain of the next steps to have a fulfilling and satisfying vision. To encourage you, if you’re experiencing blurred vision, my hope is through this series of blogs, your vision will receive¬†clarity as we dial in together! Leaders who are satisfied in their vision, become a vision magnet. Let’s do a vision tune up!

Vision Tune Up

1. What comes alive deep within when you’re thriving in your vision?
2. What when you are doing it others say, wow, you seem so different and fulfilled?
3. Where could you use help to overcome a set back?
4. What is a passion that brings great joy to your life?
5. What are three positive attributes others see in you?

Get Back on the Horse

As a teenager while working on a farm, I was bucked off a mule and intense fear gripped my heart and thoughts. I was shocked and shakened at what happened. Literally, I felt like I was hit with a bat. I was laying on the ground looking up at how big this thousand pound animal was kicking over top of me. The owner of the farm said, “Garner, if you don’t get back up now and ride, fear will grow and you won’t ride again.” I still was hesitating as he repeated, “Garner, get back up on the horse and ride!” With the pain and being hesitant, I got back up on the horse and rode back to the farm. Possibly you’re dealing with a paralyzing fear, setback or disappointment that is causing hesitation. I want to encourage you to explore all possibilities instead of fear itself to be your reason!

Invite Others to Help

I am reminded of the influence of a great coach! He assisted in restoring my confidence to get up and ride again! Possibly an event in your business or life happened and unhealthy meaning was attached to it? This may have caused your vision to be put on delay! This event may have been so painful it caused you to walk away from your vision, dreams and desires? I want to encourage you, through great coaching and mentoring, to explore the possibilities within your vision, purpose and mission to be restored. What one step could you take today to get back up to fulfill what you were born for? If you’re living a thriving vision, what one step could you take to cultivate even more expansion?

Action Steps for Restoring Vision

1. What inspired you to first start your vision?
2. What one step could you take to move forward into a satisfying vision?
3. What we feed grows. What are you feeding? Your vision or fear of failure?
4. What would it look like for you to get back up on the horse?
5. What one growth activity would move you on purpose towards your vision?

Who Are You Taking With You?

I was in a business coaching session with a client reviewing and refining goals. This business leader has sales people in a service oriented industry. During our session, it was revealed part of this leader’s vision was to help the sales team go beyond what they thought was personally possible. The vision became so real a growth strategy was charted keeping the goals and vision constantly in sight. They took steps each week, planning, measuring, adjusting and navigating situations. The satisfaction from this leader’s vision bursted with celebration as one of the sales people went beyond what they thought was possible in gross sales and profit! In fact, the entire team shattered their collective goals!

What is it about your vision that satisfies you? Are you measuring sales, finances and results? Who are you taking on the journey with you? Good measurements will help facilitate growth which will feed your satisfaction in what you do. I encourage you to read, Part 4, Vision Stretches.

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You were born for greatness,

Ed Garner, CMC
Business Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Strategist, Coach Trainer, Consultant