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VISION: Part Two – Vision Strengthens

What keeps you going through the grind of the week? What is the bigger picture that keeps you and your organization going daily? My heart is that this blog will encourage and inspire you to keep going!

Importance of Context

Do you say I have to go to work or I get to go to work? Have to versus get to:  A context of “I get to” is filled with personal choice, vision and personal responsibility. In other words, what is your why that keeps you fully engaged in the day to day operations? I am reminded of a business leader’s vision who has the biggest, most generous heart to develop business bringing contribution to its employees, church and those in need. I remember asking this business leader what strengthens you to keep going? He said, my vision is to be benevolent, generous, and help those in financial need. His why fueled him to get up every day with intention and take calculated risks and keep investing in growth.  His why feeds him to keep going when the thoughts of quitting surface! His vision for why he was doing what he was doing strengthens him to continue growing forward! His context of “I get to” go to the office positions him for success.

Giving Voice to Your Vision

Within your daily conversations, are your words filled with empowering vision, mission and purpose? As a leader, your words can strengthen the vision within your team, customers and associates. If people hear your conversation, can they experience your vision, purpose and mission? We can all have a moment. What I am talking about is the overall context and the heart behind your words. If you were to take inventory and ask five people on your team, would they know your vision being around you for one week?  Our words can speed up or slow down the vision. Ask yourself, just because you’re feeling something, should you speak it or not?

Keeping the Engine Fueled

Keeping a ship fueled is important to navigate safely through the high seas. A ship must face the waves to successfully keep the ship and cargo safe. The captain stays with the ship to provide leadership, direction and to make adjustments based on feedback to arrive with the cargo. What do you daily to keep yourself and your team fueled?  What supporting processes are in place in case of a sudden storm that arises? Are you equipped with the right tools to get through it?

Unity of Vision

Is your team going in the direction of the vision? A unified football team carries out the coach’s play. Vision for a win in football requires unity behind the coach’s vision. The strength of a team is not one player, but all the players working as one! Vision to win will keep the team on the practice field and in the workout room. They strategize their plays utilizing the strengths on their team. If one of the players in a game keeps doing their own thing, a great coach will replace that player for the sake of the team’s vision. How would you rate the unity on your team? What’s one step you can take to bring unity on your team?

A Fire Needs Oxygen

Inspiration is like fresh oxygen breathing on a fire!! How is your approach to strengthen your team? We all like a high five and to be celebrated. Have you ever heard the term, information overload? In other words, what if in context, you shared inspiration about things going well instead of just information. If you are going to share information, share it with inspiration and enthusiasm!

The key is vision goes beyond information. There is a sound to your vision, a heartbeat so to speak. This fuels the strength of unity to keep going, pivot, and the ability to adapt to the climate changes in business.

What currently strengthens you to not quit and keep going forward? What one daily habit do you have to strengthen your thinking daily? In the next blog, Part 3, I will talk about how your vision satisfies you and your team!

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Part 2 – Vision Strengthens

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